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Available in two slim format sizes, with every tile being unique in both colour and texture. Crackle glaze tiles are created by the top glaze being put through a process called crazing, giving each tile its distinctive look and feel. Crackle is perfect for use in any interior. Crackle tiles should be sealed once fixed.

  • Colours 1
  • Finishes Gloss Varied Crackle Glaze
  • Sizes 200x100mm, 300x100mm
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Silicastone / Crackle / Cartmel Cream / Gloss Varied Crackle Glaze

Cartmel Cream

Gloss Varied Crackle Glaze


200 x 100mm

300 x 100mm

Thickness Options



Requires Sealing Yes
Indoor Use Yes
Outdoor Use No
Classification BIII
Apparent Solid Density N/A
Water Absorbtion 12%
Dimension Rectangularity 0.71%
Tile Linear Dimensions +/- 2%
Surface Thickness +/- 1.8%
Stain Resistance Class 5
Crazing Resistance N/A
Reaction to Fire A1
Thermal Shock No evidence of damage
Thermal Expansion Refer to PDF
Frost Resistance No evidence of damage after 100 cycles
Bond Strength Resin - 6.4N/mm2 / Dispersion 2.4N/mm2


Our materials are dry pressed and then sintered, our tile products fall under British Standards for ceramic tiles. Independent formal test certificates are available on request.

Care & Maintenance

Silicastone products are easy to care for and can be left in their natural state in many cases. However, depending on your chosen application it may be necessary to periodically apply a surface sealant to the product.


Most of our products are, by their nature quite heavy, akin to natural stone. Weights will vary depending on product but they can weigh up to 45kg per m2, so we only recommend installing on a suitable substrate.


Our products are made from no less than 98% recycled materials and approximately 60% of those materials currently ends up in landfill. For some of our coloured ranges we need to add materials that are not recycled, but our products are always more than 98% recycled.

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Distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland by Panaz