We know there are a lot of products out there that make claims about being sustainable, presenting a minefield for specifiers and architects alike. We are working towards accreditation of our products but, in the meantime, find out some more about our sustainability claims. 

Our products are made from no less than 98% recycled materials and approximately 50% of those materials would end up in landfill. For some of our coloured ranges we need to add materials that are not recycled, but our UK produced products are never less than 98% recycled. 

We don’t use resin or concrete to bind the materials together. Instead, we use heat, but importantly we heat our products at a considerably lower temperature than compared to conventional ceramics.

We reuse all of our production waste, when we are polishing or cutting our products, all of the waste is reintroduced into the manufacturing process, this saves on resources, but it also means we aren’t putting anything into the ground. Finally, this means at the end of our products’ life they can be recycled within our process.   

All of the boxes we use for samples and product packaging are made using 100% recycled cardboard. 

ISO 14021

Self- declaration according to ISO 14021:2016 of recycled content by source. Please contact if you require underlying evidence.


ISO 14021 certificate


ISO 14021 certificate