COS Warsaw

As part of the re-development of the former Warsaw power plant Elektrownia Powisle, the well-known Swedish brand COS opened its store earlier this year. The scheme was crafted by the in-house COS design team, with a clear focus on sustainability. Its crisp and minimalist aesthetic incorporates many of the existing industrial elements from the building's former life while also echoing the ethos of the brand. COS believes in putting longevity first and favours enduring style over passing trends. Every piece requires a long lifespan. So, it is particularly fitting that they chose to use our material for this flagship store.

The panels and plinth tops were hand-made using all three of our main production kilns. This included our Strata product in two different greys, and in a number of different bespoke formats, all cut precisely to size in Preston before being shipped off to site.

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